The school day had nothing of note, forgot to hand a theme in for english, got repirmanded for having my MiniDisc on during music lit, talked about calculator shit with korsak and all in chemistry instead of working.

Daylight savings was a pain today, at 1:35 suddenly a feeling of joy swept over me like "Yay, I'm getting out of this shithole" but it turned out that I had another hour of classes to take. I certainly didn't mind getting up when it wasn't so dark though.

Ramsey and I helped the Director of Technology with the Compaq Proliant servers, which we still can't get working as they use a weird NCR chip, the 53c710 which doesn't have support in standard Linux boot disks. We ended up finding custom boot disks on a site, but we needed the IRQ/Address for the chip, and the machine wasn't booting off its EISA CD-ROM for some reason. We left at about 4pm, but Ramsey had to go to his locker so I missed running into that girl from private school who seemed to have a thing for me. Mentioned our meeting earlier to Ramsey and he said something like "She really wasn't all that smart, she just tried really hard in class", whatever, I'm sure I'll see her soon enough if things go my way.