Set the alarm for 4:30ish, played alarm tag until 6AM. This was early enough to brew coffee and eat a Power Bar before work. The first full rainy crappy day in what seems like forever. With the return of my cohort from vacation, the pace eases up a little. Another Power Bar and a power nap at lunch. I start a regimen of ginkgo biloba; 4 weeks to full effect. A clique of my coworkers take flying lessons; I'm tempted, but $90/lesson is a little steep right now. Sioux City brand ginger beer is the treat of the week. Supper: bruschetta and yet another Power Bar. In my personal node audit project, 8 nukes requested from my complete noding history. Playlist: Bow Wow Wow, Pachelbel, Ministry, Astralwerks, RAW, Closer, Pyramania, Astronomy.