Breakfast: a pizzaburger and a buttered roll. President asks if I'd like to act as editor of the company newsletter, and I accept. Of course, my boss feels that THEY went behind his back... It seems like everyone who is not on vacation, has given their "two week's notice". I decide that I have quite enough to keep me occupied without patching up an old P90 Aptiva to run the E2 code for my idle curiosity. Reading: Fire In the Belly. Dinner: (more) broccoli in garlic sauce (than I needed to eat in one sitting).
My great-aunt Fran died this morning; three years ago, her doctors gave her a year to live. I'm trying to avoid the word "overdue" - let's just say we were all happily surprised she held out this long. She was pretty chipper right up to a couple of weeks ago. I admired her, but with a double generation gap between us, I never really felt much connection with her. She and my grandfather were both over 80 when they died; their sister, "Aunt Sis", still has never been seriously ill since her childhood. If I have to inherit the balding gene from my Mom's side, I think I deserve my Dad's longevity genes in compensation.