This is a dream that I've been having over and over for a few years now,and it never changes. Each time I dream it, I feel like I grow into the part more, belonging in the part I play, and I notice more and more details.

The dream starts out at the home I grew up in. There is a long, short hill with 5 small, white, two-person cabins lining the top, one after the other. My mother and I used to live in the middle one.

In this dream, I and two other people were standing in front of the small stone steps. It seemed like it was very overcast outside, and the time was some kind of mix between day and night. All three of us were clothed in black robes with the hoods pulled up and over our heads, hiding our faces, and tied loosely around the waist by brick red, braided, rope-like belts, the ends hanging at our right sides. Each of us had a staff that reached up to our faces, and were curled in different shapes at the top. One staff was spiral shaped, like the end of a screw, one was shaped like the number 8, and mine was shaped like a snail shell spiral held vertically. We were all the same height, and so were the staffs.

No one in the dream spoke, ever. Both of them motioned me into the door of the cabin, and I nodded, going up the steps, and heading in. Inside, everything was painted white, and there was no furniture or decoration of any kind. All the rooms were bare, but for the eerie light that flooded into the windows, making the floors sport cross patterns. I walked through the livingroom and into the kitchen very slowly, as if stepping faster would make too much noise, and too much noise would be a very taboo thing to do.

As I reached the kitchen, I saw inside a huge cage, covered almost completely with a dark grey blanket-like cloth that hid the contents. I heard wind-sounds as I approached the cage, and the sides of the prison bowed out from time to time, very slowly, as if what was inside was trying to get out by means of changing the shape of its housing. I reached forward and lifted the blanket up, looking under and inside. The cage held a vast, black creature, made of nothing, not unlike the Nothing of the Neverending Story. Its insides were black with no texture, the outline as whiteish and glowing, and it moved along the cage, almost completely filling it, trying to get out. In the blackness of its being, I saw eyes shifting and changing...sometimes one, sometimes two, sometimes none, and from time to time, great fangs materialized, gnashing.

I covered the cage back up, turned, and went back outside. I took my place by my companions' sides, standing perfectly still, like a sentinel. Then, from the back of the tiny house, we heard an explosion as the wall of the kitchen flew off in pieces, and the Nothing got away, taking to the sky. All three of us rushed around, looking after it as it went, and then proceeded to the adjacent outside wall of the cabin, where three horses stood tethered, one black, one white, one grey, all mares. We mounted up, I on the grey mare, and galloped after them. My two companions stayed on the ground, persuing by land, while my mare lept into the sky, galloping on air. We chased the beast as it followed the paved road from above, my little mount straight behind it, in flight. Looking down below, I saw the other two guardians following, a little behind me in position. The beast flew over a broad turn in the road, and suddenly stopped in mid-flight, turned, and attacked me.

I was swept off my horse and into the beast and torn to shreds, and I could see my own flesh being ravaged inside the Nothing...and then I was dropped and landed on the pavement in a bloody heap, dead. My awareness stayed with me for a while, though, and I watched the other two guardians ride by me, not stopping, following the beast, and I watched myself continue bleeding, the blood running out of what was left of me...and I stayed there for a few minutes until I woke up, my body tingling, and barely able to move at all.

The dream is always the same; I always die, and I never see what happens after my death.