I used to subscribe to the good old 'impartial BBC' theory, where everyone has a fair opportunity to state their side of the story, and you can trust what you see or hear.

Living in Israel for 9 years has disabused me of that. Their reports are heavily slanted towards the Palestinians (and I speak as someone who regards the occupation as being brutal and inhumane).

Just one small example - Hilary Anderson reported from Gaza in mid-February 2001 and showed a clip of two Palestinians writhing in agony in hospital - evidently as a result of what the Israelis had done to them. Later it transpired that this was a setup - the PNA were claiming that Israel had been using some new form of nerve gas. Likewise, the reports of Israel using uranium-tipped ammunition are unfounded.

Much blood has been spilt here since this node was originally written in 2001 in the first few months of the second (Al-Aqsa) Intifada.

Since then the BBC has paid considerably more attention to telling both sides of the story.