Well, it was/is totally unclear to me whether or not this happened to raverDave or not. After allowing my Netscape to leave the confines of E2 for the first time in a week, I saw this story several places on the internet. (I guess I have successfully avoided many of the e-mail lists.) One post (at the Geek Culture Forum) attributes the story to Andrew Hudson, spokesman for Denver's mayor Wellington Webb. I hope the Urban Legends team will pursue seeking the validity of this story better than I can -- watch www.snopes2.com. In any case, I think it is important the write-up above is attributed to the proper source, if one exists.

To add my (if the story is true) I'll just say that while his lack of tact is interesting, Bush's disinterest in voters' opinions is hardly surprising. After losing the popular election and having the presidency handed to him by Antonin Scalia and cohorts, he has forwarded a very right-wing agenda. Of course, any president probably would have thought the same words, even though most would be able to bite his/her tongue.

17 Aug 2001 update: The good folks at www.snopes.com have discovered that the e-mail above was written by Bill Hangley, a Philadelphia-based journalist who still stands by his accounting of the meeting. They also clear up the common mis-attributing of the story to Andrew Hudson who's .sig apparently was misinterpreted as a claim of authorship.

Source: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/outrage/hangley.htm

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