Version 2.0

In 2002, Cool Edit Pro 2.0 was released, with a lower price tag ($249 dollars if you buy it online, $79 dollar upgrade) and a few interesting new features (gathered from, several reviews, and my own experience):

  • A much more polished, customizable UI, including dual monitor support
  • Built-in MP3 support (previously a plugin)
  • CD Ripping capability
  • Downloadable CD burning plugin
  • Real-time effects, which can be applied to a track in the multitrack window (rather than just a waveform individually
  • New effects like the Quickverb (reverb) or the Doppler Shift, Dynamic EQ and Delay, etc.
  • A "bus" system allowing you to group several tracks in the multitrack
  • An improved loop manager
  • Introduction of the Red Rover - a USB device that lets you control Cool Edit remotely
  • Video (AVI only, as far as I know) support, allowing you to place a video inside the multitrack view and edit your audio around it.
  • The old easter egg in Cool Edit Pro 1.x(dragging the flower in the About... window to the smallest circle and pressing "OK" would trigger a game of Pong) is gone, replaced by another About dialog Easter Egg: you can click on the two metal balls in the Syntrillium logo and bounce them around, and right click to add pinball-style stoppers. Not as fun as Pong, but then again not much is.


Cool Edit Pro remains one of the most affordable and complete digital audio solutions for Windows and a nice, relatively low cost Pro Tools alternative.


  • Syntrillium Software: