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"I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups" -- liveforever's factual node covenant

thank you . . .
liveforever, dannye, panamaus, AudieMcCall, 00100, Pedro, Jurph, agazade, Gritchka, Alias Mother Jonez, jaubertmoniker, KissThis, ascorbic, trainman, sneff, RubenAzarja, jmn32, Burbage, Gongonzola, czeano, sid, montecarlo, you

Big Star nodes (mine and otherwise) . . .

Albums: #1 Record, Third/Sister Lovers
Songs: Holocaust, Life is White, Blue Moon, Thirteen, What's Going Ahn, Daisy Glaze, September Gurls
Personnel: Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jim Dickinson
Labels: Stax Records
Places: Memphis, Tennessee, New York, New York
Nodes to be Written: Radio City, Box Tops, I Am The Cosmos, others?

(If I've missed something, please let me know)

many, many thanks to panamaus for encouraging good Big Star noding around here (and for having an Alex Chilton picture in his homenode).

bands I've noded about . .
Nada Surf, Big Star (see above), Wilco (Reservations), Dream Syndicate, Abigail Grush, John Pizzarelli, Of Montreal

authors I've noded about . . .
Wole Soyinka (and The Lion and the Jewel), Italo Calvino (The Cloven Viscount), Pablo Neruda (Walking Around), Franz Kafka (The Metamorphosis), Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot), Saki(The Talking-Out of Tarrington, The Unrest-Cure), Augusto Boal)

films i've noded about . .
City of God, Meet John Doe

tech stuff i've noded ..
Cheating at Solitaire, Cool Edit Pro, rat, RAMBUS

things I'd love to see noded (a * indicates I've started writing it). .
Radio City, Clovis Sangrail, The Baron in the Trees, The Nonexistant Knight, Caetano Veloso, A Tritical Essay, Invisible Theatre