Just a little tidbit of information of breaking eggs with one hand.

In my 'profession' (*cough* McDonald's Manager *cough*) it has become necessary for me to crack eggs. When I was younger and lower down the ladder I spent every weekend cracking eggs for 4 hours, so I have gained quite a knack for it. The top write-up is quite accurate, but I feel it has has overcomplicated quite a simple action. So please, enjoy....

Step 1

Having eggs to cook is fairly important. Preferably fresh, as rotten eggs won't result in a good quality meal. At all cost avoid finding an egg that contains a chicken embryo. Seeing one pop out when all you were expect white and yolk scares the bejesus out of you - plus it ruins your rhythm.

Step 2

Prepare your cooking surface (which I would assume is hot) with butter or oil. If you are desperate for some egg goodness, you can go without the previously mentioned cooking lubricant, but things may not go as smoothly as you might hope. Cooked egg is cooked egg yes?

Step 3

Crack the egg on something. Doesn't need to be a sharp edge, just hard. All you need to do is crack the shell. If you succeed you move onto...

Step 4

With the egg positioned over the cooking surface, dig two fingers in. Nothing complicated, just dig in - and then separate them. Out comes egg and leaves you with a hand full of shell.

Sometimes, little shards of egg shell will get in the egg - just dig it out. You won't burn yourself, and breaking the yolk isn't a big deal.

Once you 'master' the one handed egg, you can then move onto more advanced tricks. Like cracking an egg in each hand, or even better, cracking 2 eggs per hand. Nothing impresses new employees than saying "Hey, come over here and watch this" and then cracking 4 eggs at a time - unless you completely fuck it up and have 4 eggs explode in your hands.

Personally, I find going two eggs a time gives the best performance vs accuracy result. I can crack 2 dozen eggs in the same time it takes most people to crack 8.

Have fun cracking some eggs!