I've just got back from a day with my son he is the cutest brightest boy I know.  He's just like me.

Unusually (it seems) I actually love my son and I'm also a darn good dad, but that seems to hard for anyone to believe.

Because she decided to be a slut and run off with a "mate" of mine, I miss out on a year of my sons life and see far too much of the legal system failing to swing into action.

Apparently he is better off with this the most useless of all mothers as evidenced by the fact he has 50% of her DNA.

On the other hand I'm (obviously) duty bound to pay for 
  • her shopping trips 
  • her boyfriends Playstation habits 
  • and her cigarettes that she suffocates him with 

due to the criminal charges of being male.  They call this the fair CSA system!

So while I reflect for another 2 weeks on the growing signs that my son is suffering significant emotional and psychological trauma, she continues to ruin his life, while she has what-ever fun she can with the other estate trash around where she lives.  I have to pay off debts she created while some little dick-wit, with out the balls to even look me in the eye, tries to get my son to call him daddy while leaving messages on my answer phone telling me "he's going to kill me" and that he's sick of me "...f**king with this (his) family..." {italics mine}.

What gives?  I thought the law was supposed to protect kids.  Instead I have only just stopped seeing my son at a contact center where 90% of the other parents can't even look after themselves safely.

Before I can take this back to court to rescue my son from this crappy life I have to wait to be able to prove that her current dip-shit boy-friend is hitting him.  I need evidence that a 13 year old baby sits for him and his half sister of less than a year in age.  I must prove neglect while all she needs to do to stop me seeing him, the little that I do, is make outrageous claims that she drops when the heat gets too much for her to cope with.

Never let anyone tell you UK law protects your children.  If you are ever involved in a situation where you woman turns out to be a lying stealing cheating whore (all true and provable in my case) when she splits hold on to your kids like I should have otherwise you may never see your children again no-matter how good a parent you may be.

Another thing: if you're male and in a child related case you are always GUILTY AS SIN.


regardless of the facts.