Frequently mispronounced by Anglophones. The 'j' has an 'h' sound, as in San Jose or cajones.

A country is more likely to be run under a military junta where:

  • There is no established legal system that is able to define and enforce law. For example, most of Africa.
  • The country was founded through the efforts of the military as liberators. For example, Algeria.
  • The civilian government was weak or directionless. For example, Chile.
  • The government is seen to be undermining existing institutions, behaving recklessly or engaging in corruption on a massive scale. For example, Pakistan.
  • There is little history of democratic rule in the country. For example, Russia (although Alexander Lebed failed in 1993).
  • The military is large, badly paid and/or not overseas somewhere fighting battles. For example, Cambodia.
  • The civilian government is ethnically different than that of the military's officer classes. For example, Fiji.