Today I learned that you never really leave high school, no matter how long ago you graduated.

I figured, I'm almost 20. The kids I graduated with are almost 20. I've grown up, so they must have as well.

It's sad how often I am wrong.

I don't suppose I'll give people the benefit of the doubt anymore, as they always prove me wrong. I always give more credit than is due, it seems. I certainly have changed, but they have not. They say the same things and act the same way. They are almost 20 and cannot find anything better to do with their lives than to harass the "freak," the "geek," the "weird girl."

Yes, I am bitter. I am tired of being the big joke, the hilarious tv program that everyone and their mother can laugh at. It may be funny to them, but it is my life I'm living, and my choices are mine, and what didn't happen, didn't happen, no matter how much more like Dawson's Creek it is than what really happened.

Which in this case, was nothing. But it's so much more fun to pretend it did, because then they can forget that they have responsibilities, too, and a life of their own to live, so they can forget themselves and laugh at me.

I can't wait to see what happens to them when Karma turns around and kicks them in the face.