This is a fairly foolproof method of getting yourself a soft drink of your choice, while forgoing the inconvenience of having to exchange anything for it. It relies on McDonald's easily abused policy that the customer is always right. McDonald's has learnt over the years that it costs them far less to shut you up with with a 1/2 cents worth of carbonated water and syrup then it does to hold up the line arguing a point they can't back up.

An Idiot's Guide To Free Beverages

1. The first item on our free beverage agenda is to get ahold of an empty McDonalds cup. Being as you are (I hope) in the vicinity of a McDonald's "Restaurant", you should have little trouble finding a discarded cup in a ditch, a trash receptacle, or sitting on a (preferably vacant) table. If for reasons lost to the likes of man you are unable to procure a cup in this manner, most McDonald's (at least in my area) provide complimentary water in the same cups they use to serve more expensive beverages. If all else fails, get a free water, and empty it in the trash.

2. The next step in our Socialist plot is to get our drink. Although it's not advertised, most McDonald's offer free refills on all beverages. (Actually, they'll give you a free refill of anything, granted you're willing to whine and whinge about its quality) All you've got to do is walk up to the counter, and ask for a refill of coke in a new cup. The customer is always right...they won't give you a second glance.

3. The 3rd and final step is to enjoy your beverage in the quiet knowledge that you just saved yourself at least $1.15. Not only that, but you cost the man TENTHS OF CENTS!

Spread the word, good comrade.

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