Me hercule, femina, iterum vuls?
My god, woman, you want it AGAIN?

Cavior! Cavior!
Deeper! Deeper!

Cavum istum nimis mihi!
That "thing" of yours is in too deep for me!

Non hoc feci quom in classe eram…
I haven't done that since I was in the Navy

Si puer erit, vellem nominari Iulius.
If it's a boy, I want him to be called Julius.

Putas de te sororeque tua?
How about you and your sister?

Nulla anxietas, flexibillissima sum.
Don't worry, I'm very flexible.

Cullos magnos amo, et non possum mentiri / Vos alteri fratres non possitis negare
I like big butts and I cannot lie / You other brothers can't deny

Ai, cervix mea!
Ouch, my neck!

Me voca "Mater."
Call me "Momma."

Irrumator celeberrimus sum.
I am a face-fucker of great renown.

Nonne tibi canam?
Shall I sing for you?

Em! est admodum "penis!"
Wow! That's quite the "sword" you've got there.

Multum oleum hui requireremus.
We'd need a lot of oil for that.

Hoc artem discebo in Interreticulo.
I learned this trick on the Internet.

Sum magister osculorum Gallicorum.
I'm the master of French kissing.

Quantae alterae?
How many other women?

Puto me iam religionem invenisse!
I think I've just discovered religion!

Fornicator foedus/fornicatrix foeda!
Vile fornicator/fornicatrix!

Sed semper crepo cum otiar!
But I always fart when I'm relaxed!

Scis quod aiit de eis magnorum pedum.
You know what they say about men with big feet.

Futues ut agricolam!
You fuck like a farmer!
Quam decorum: futues ut bovem!
How appropriate: you fuck like a cow!

Spero ut teguminem habeas…
I hope you have protection

Pulices damnati!
Damn fleas!

Me amicio cum deploide galeroque incantatoris…
I put on my wizard's hat and robes

Vero, soror Gnaei sum.
Actually, I'm Gnaeus' sister.

Thanks to Junkill for suggesting I do this