Matt Stone and Trey Parker created Terrance & Phillip as their answer to the people accusing South Park of being nothing but toilet humor.
'Terrance and Phillip' to us is us making fun of what the critics say South Park is.
You know, because when we read these articles that say South Park is wall-to-wall fart jokes, that's all it is, it's like, no, here's wall-to-wall fart jokes.

Trey Parker in The U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, March 1998

Uncle-fuckers, boner-biting bastards, beady-eyed, floppy-headed Canadians.

Stars of the foreign film "Asses of Fire" that the children of South Park viewed and subsequently learned to cuss from.

Arguably were solely responsible for the United States declaring war on Canada.

A Television show on SouthPark (similar to the embedding of Itchy and Scratchy on The Simpsons). Its two stars, Terance and Philip don't do much other than fart. And as Scott knows, fart jokes are the lowest form of comedy. So he wishes head cancer on them, with his mind. Terance was said to have killed Dr. Jeffery O'Dwyer, but Philip saved him from the gas chamber.

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