Note: This attack occurred so recently that not all details have been confirmed. I will update this writeup as I find out more.

At around 2 pm, on Thursday August 9, 2001, a suicide bomber exploded a bomb inside a Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem, Israel. The restaurant is located at the corner of Jaffa and King George V streets, in the heart of the commercial district of West Jerusalem.

At this time, it is thought that 18 people were killed in the explosion, and at least 90 were wounded. Rescue workers reported that at least 6 of those killed were children. The bomb was constructed from a gas canister and was covered with nails. Police found another, undetonated bomb in the restaurant.

The terrorist group Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, and gave the name of the suicide bomber as Husseini Omar Abou Naeseh, age 23.