Your news says 3 IDF soldiers were killed in an outpost

Here they explain that they were murdered sleeping in their beds in the girls (yes, it says girls on the sign) quarters.

I know that suicide bombing is much worse, and attacking military targets is actually something I shouldn't feel as strongly about...

But for some reason, it's diffrent. It just is.

... sorry, I don't feel like writing anything else.

Pipe links say it all.

Just thinking about how I would go about creating the video game of my life...

I would like to consider my life a fair bit more exciting than an ordinary game of pong, or even one of those new fan dangled video games available on the market today. Considering this, I would not only have to create my own game but a whole new operating system as well, I couldn’t very well put my life in an x-box, now could I—it would have to be far more exciting and fantastic than that. I would have to create a set of controls that would hook up to every nerve ending in the body, the player would then have to lay in a sensory depravation tank so as not to get conflicting messages from the real world. For game play you could just plug in and you would instantly be living the life of me. Now as exiting as my life is, I know there would be a select few adrenaline junkies out there who wouldn’t be satisfied with just going to TWC 164, or the bathroom in the Lardeau wing of Selkirk College, I would have to create some more options. At the basic level you could chose to skip forward or backwards in time and play “the first kiss” or “the wedding” If you got bored of those you could step it up a notch and switch to “broken arm”, or even “death”. And of course there would be the extra special options that would enable you to tap into alternate realities and play such scenes as, “Arlo goes to Alpha Centauri” or “Arlo becomes the hottest lesbian in the world and meets super model (enter favorite super model here) who, incidentally, is also a lesbian”.

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