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Ok, here's what you DO NOT do:

DO NOT spend 300$ on a credit card if you have no source of income. It's just plain dumb.

If you do happen to be stupid enough to spend 300$ on a credit card, DO NOT take out 600$ worth of savings bonds to pay it off. That goes double if you're the type of person who isn't very responsible when it comes to money. That sort of thing would stretch the depths of idiocy.

If you have 11 out of 10 on the retard-o factor and you 300$ "extra" after paying off you credit card DO NOT spend most of it on Magic cards.. Oh Holy Pants that would be really friggin' stupid.


On another note, you really shouldn't get behind in college because you think you're better than everyone else on the planet.

If this happens anyhow DO NOT get sick for the two days you thought you would use to catch up. That's would be some bad, smelly, mojo.

If you do get really far behind in you studies because of your own dim-witted senselessness you really shouldn't spend you study time on E2 while listening to Radiohead's Kid A, no matter how good the CD is, when you could be doing math tests.

Well boys and girls, I think that'll be the end of today's lessons but don't worry, I can almost guarantee I'll be back with more in the not too distant future..

Today's music selection:

Radiohead - Kid A
Towa Tei - Sound Museum
Radiohead - The Bends
Tori Amos - To Venus and Back

Apparently, Björk has a new CD out.. I might pick that up today too...