This is the nexus of creative writing information for those who want to learn how to write in different forms and genres and for those who want to either learn the ins and outs of marketing their own work or publishing the work of others.

Many of the nodes here will be aimed at writers of a particular genre; however, these nodes will contain information of potential value to other writers. For instance, most of the information in Copyright and Copywrong Concerns for Fiction Writers is just as applicable to poets and nonfiction writers.

Much more will be added to this as I and others node more articles. I've included all the existing nodes I've found; if I've missed any relevant ones, please /msg me.

Advice on Writing

Workshopping Writing

English Usage and Grammar (Know the Rules So You Can Break 'Em To Greater Effect)

Becoming a Published Writer

Becoming a Publisher

Helpful Organizations

Miscellaneous Information