Romance Writers of America is a national non-profit genre writers' association. It was founded in Houston Texas in 1980 in order to provide support to people seriously considering a career in the romance genre. Currently, RWA has 8,400 members worldwide; with 1,600 members published in book-length romance fiction. RWA has more than 140 chapters throughout the world, with chapters in almost every state in the U.S.

Once published RWA members can join a distinguished group of RWA members known as the Published Authors' Network (PAN). PAN works to strengthen authors rights within the industry. They also publish a monthly professional journal The Romance Writers' Report

Each year at the National Convention the RWA gives out various industry awards including the RITA Awards, the highest award of excellence in the romance genre, are presented to the best published romances of the year; the Golden Heart Awards are presented to the best unpublished manuscripts; and RWA Lifetime achievement award.

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