"So did you listen to it? What did you think?", I asked as the girl from marketing returned my Slow Riot for New Zero Canada CD. A couple days earlier she asked what sort of music I was into and I lazily decided to just hand her the CD I was currently listening to instead of attempting to explain.

"Yeah... you know, I think it makes great background music. I listened to it last night while I did the dishes," she said as I cringed at her words.

Background music? To say Godspeed's music would be great background music is like saying you think a fine painting is pretty neat and all, but instead of being displayed in a gallery it would be better as wallpaper. How insulting to the artist is that?

Music doesn't exists to fill the silence in your vapid suburban paradise while you wash your dishes. It's art. People pour their hearts and souls into creating music. Take a minute to sit and appreciate it.

"And there's some weird talking on track 2," she added. "What is that all about?"

Maybe you should try listening.