Oslo is the closest Norway gets to having a metropol.
Of course, the connection to the rest of the world is a bit lagged, so everyting that people belive to be cool comes here a year later.
Despite fashion, which is overestimated anyway, Oslo is a rather cool city. Here you can participate in all metropolitan hobbies such as grafitti, sitting at street-walk cafes, looking dumb, you can go shopping in over-priced stores, and you can get killed in trafic.

Among sights worth to see in Oslo are:

  • Grünerløkka, an old part of the city which used to be the working-class neighbourhood
  • Grønland, which is the imigrant part of town. (We don't have real ghettoes in Norway.)
  • Nationalgalleriet, a gallery devoted to national art. Some of the things here are really cool as a matter of fact
  • The subway system, called "T-bane" in norwegian. Here you can encounter all sorts of people, and riding the subway for a few hours gives you a good idea about the common man in Oslo.
  • Karl Johan, the main street of Oslo. Actually, there's nothing cool about the street, but you find quite alot of shops here, and there's quite alot of people here at all times.
  • Stortinget. This is the norwegian congress, I'd guess. The architecture is mid-18th century style, and there's quite alot of history here. Also nice if you are interested in the norwegian idea of parliamentarism.
  • Holmekollen, which is a great wievingpoint the city. You can also find the arena for the olympic games in 1952 here.
  • Fornebu. Previously main airport of Norway, now abandoned airport used for several things, such as concerts in the hangars, Big Brother, movie-sets in the terminal-building, where they shoot crappy norvegian films and a few comercials, and other things.

    There are several other things worth seing here, but the most importaint thing is the people, if you get to know them.