A Third Point of View

I’m the so–called "First Mate" in GrouchyOldMan’s daylog, of June 11, 2004, and "the smaller one" of the kids in dem bones’ daylog, of the same day. I resent being call smaller by someone shorter than I am. The younger one, would have been a better description Bones. Anyways, I’m here to tell you the REAL story about today, I can correct many of the plentiful errors in both of the egotistical maniacs’ stories. No offense to either of them, but to put it plainly, they are both full of it.

My Dad’s Story

First of all, we were winging it, there wasn't any grand plan. We just said, "hey, our boat can go 45 knots, we can go wherever the hell we want"· Second, I don’t know what he is talking about with the "Black Box Theory." I never heard nor used that…"term", and it is sort of disconcerting to think that there is a big black box inside my head.· Thirdly, I’m not sure about the truth in the history lesson in his daylog, So just be wary about what he tells you about Tarpaulin Cove, The Battle of Falmouth, or Naushon and the Forbes Family. I mean he isn’t even considered a local yet.  You have to have lived here about twenty to thirty years, and have the right connections, to become a "local." 

There are a couple of true facts about his story though. First, I do love to drive Sleuth sometimes even better than driving South Swell. Second, Bones did cackle somewhat during his recruiting of demon-seagulls. Third, I did drive South Swell around in Tarpaulin Cove and on the way back to Great Harbor. It WAS fun!

Mr. Bones’ Story

Again there are a few errors with this man’s story, and some that especially relate to me, which again I say that I resent.

First, there was no lewd comment about the relation of our boat’s name to my dad’s pants, nor did I laugh at it, I’m not laughing at it even now, because I don’t even get it.· Second, I hate to break it to you Bones, although you may have been treated as an equal, in status if not in height, you weren't a fatherly figure on this trip.  Thirdly, We do have a radar on the boat, since radar shows you things ABOVE water, and sonar shows you things BELOW water. Read an Encyclopedia or something.

Respectfully Yours,

The Mate