Allright you anti-salt steak cooks, listen up!

Please, for the love all all that is good and pure in the cooking of meats sprinkle a bit of kosher salt on it before cooking, a good healthy pinch on each side will do.

Now here's why... Yes it is true salt draws out moisture from meat, however, when a small amount is sprinkled over the face of the meat that will contact the cooking surface it will...

a) Not draw out enough moisture to affect the "juciness" of the steak.

b) it will draw some of these juices to the surface where they will brown and crisp during the cooking process creating a very flavorful coating.

This coating will create such flavor that all your other spices, herbs and aother aromatic ingredients will just get in the way of pure, meaty goodness. Besides the high heat nessecary to properly sear a steak will also burn most herbs and spices. If you wish to add herbs and spices I suggest you take the steak drippings and incorporate those flavoring ingredients into a sauce.

As for the cut of meat to use, I suggest Striploin (New York Strip to most of us) and Ribeye cuts, these have enough fat content to ensure a tender, flavorful steak even if you are one of those blasphemers who cook your meats to well-done. Tenderloin, is both expensive and very lean, I would only suggest tenderloin to those carnivores like myself who prefer meat on the rare side of the equation (cooking a tenderloin to well-done is like pissing on a Picasso).