From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 36. Duck with Turnips

After having emptied, trussed, and singed the duck, mask it between layers of bacon, and moisten either with a poele (No. 10) or broth, with a little salt. Stew the duck for three-quarters of an hour if it is a young one; if old or tough, for an hour; when done, drain it, and let it simmer in turnip sauce to take the taste of turnips. (When ducks begin to grow old, by keeping them a few days they become tender.) Roast the bird to a nice colour. When underdone, cut it in five parts: the two wings, the two legs, and the breast. Now cut six turnips in the shape of olives, fry them in butter with a little powdered sugar, to give them a good colour, mix a tablespoonful of flour with them. Moisten with half broth and half gravy of veal; season with salt and a little pepper, a bundle of parsley and green onions; skim; when the turnips are done, put them into a stew-pan separately, and add to them a very little sauce. In the remainder of the sauce boil the duck till well done ; then skim off the fat, reduce the sauce, and serve all together.