Many states either have passed, or are working to pass legislation in order to stop smoking in bussiness, primarily bars, clubs and resturaunts (most other bussinesses have already eliminated smoking so they aren't a problem), or any place where people gather.

The fact that we are passing a law like this in some states offends something basic in me. I can see banning smoking in government buildings or any place that a non smoker would be required to go into at some time, but there are plenty of bars and resturaunts that don't allow smoking without this law. If you're a non-smoker, and you don't want to be around smoke, then go to one of those establishments! It's that easy. It's called "consumer choice" and it's one of the things that makes America great. If enough of you stop going and the owners see a drop off in their profits then they'll probably not allow people to smoke in there anymore.

There's also a big argument about "well the employee's need to be able to have a smoke free environment". Ok, then they can apply for places that prohibit smoking. Once again if an owner can't hire anyone because they all refuse to work in a smoke-filled environment then he may have to stop allowing people to smoke in order to keep his bussiness going.

These laws do infringe on the freedoms of the bussiness owners. It's their establishments we're talking about, they should run them how they see fit, let the consumers tell them if the formula they've worked out is successful or not. The government needs to piss off in this case.

This rant brought to you by free range hatred