A pink post it note on my son's door read:
    Car insurance is due September 9th. $249.00 Love, Mom
    Number One Son waving the note in the air, What does this mean? You want my money signed 'Love, Mom' ?
    Mom: I'm making meatballs will you be home for dinner?
    Number One Son: I have to work tonight, but save me some!
    The pink post it note on my son's bedroom door said:
    Car insurance is due October 9th. $249.00 OX Mom.
    Number One Son, Why are you billing me now with hugs and kisses?!?!
    I have fresh steaks in the fridge for chicken fried steak tonight or tomorrow.
    Mom asks with a hopeful smile, Will you be home for dinner?
    Number One Son; I made plans with friends already tonight and work tomorrow. Make sure Dad leaves me some!
    Number One Son demanding I call Dad and ask to borrow the van for a road trip. Quite puzzled I encourage him to call and ask. No! he replies adamant. Call him to show him that you trust me enough to drive the van !!!
    Mom brushed it off as plain silly.
    Number One Son calls from work, I want to talk to you when I get home tonight!
    Mom, I'll be up.
    Number One Son If you really love me call Grandpa and ask him about the van.
    Mom, I love you so much that I trust you as an adult to call him.
    Number One Son frustrated: Why don't we sit at the table and have dinner anymore?!?!
    Mom: You're busy working and going to school ....begins to cry I really miss you!
    Number One Son , Don't do that Mom!! Oh great..... now I've made my mom cry!
    White chalk on the driveway this morning announces:

    I love you Number One Son !!!
    OOOXXX Mom

    (Insurance payment is due November 11th, $299.00)

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken.
~ Isaiah 54:10
It's okay to check and see that you're still loved.