An early Valentines.

This was written when my husband and I were dating. I thought you might enjoy it. I’ve saved it all these years. Silly man wrote a second one just like it a few years ago. He said he was getting forgetful, I told him it's proof that his love for me has not changed.

For My Little Muffin

    Her eyes are like diamonds, her lips like a rose.
    I want every part of her, from her head to her toes.

    A body that sways, a body that plays,
    it fills me with glee because I know it’s for me.

    With you and me and my shining gray car.
    We can go places and travel afar.

    We’ll travel all of the, night and all of the day.
    We’ll do what we want, and in our own way.

    I promise I’m never going to scorn ya,
    I promise to take you to California.
    We’ll see so many things, it will make you dizzy
    We’ll even spend time, in the Kingdom of Disney

    My love for you is like a burning fire.
    The hotter it gets the more the desire.
    The life of a single person is sometimes fun, and sometimes harried,
    but one of these days I’m going to whisper in your ear,
    “Do you want to get married?”

    The love of my girl clings to me like a web,
    and the name of the girl I love –that girl’s name is Deb.

    I love you,

The "shiny gray car" was a Dodge Challenger that some worm poured gas over and set on fire one night while he was working at Bob’s Big Boy on Speedway and Sawn. We never found out who it was. Both of our sons were conceived on vacations to Disneyland. We are planning another vacation there in a couple of weeks. Like the five previous trips we will leave at three AM to get there by one. The first ride we always take is the train.

He never did whisper “Do you want to get married.” But he did give me an engagement ring the following Christmas. He is very introverted in a fulsome sort of way. He gave me the gift on bended knee with a beaming boyish smirk, but words would not come out of his mouth. The mystery solver in me reasoned that this was an attestation of his deep affections,
Oh!... Oh you want to get married ! and we set a date.

For some strange reason he picked Blueberry Hill as “our song,” and called me Betty Sue, but not before he embarrassed me to bits by singing Volare! at the top of his lungs every time he stopped by my apartment. This is our 27th Valentine’s Day together.

How sweet it is to be loved by you,
Yes it is…

iceowl says nothing better than good, honest, love.
Grzcyrgba says Hey you two, get a room! (Just kidding. Happy Valentines Day, Lometa. :)
wertperch says It's so refreshing to see people actually in love. I wish you both many more years *hugs* for you both.
jessicapierce says This is unspeakably cute.
Chras4 says .... you are lucky, my dear Lo, hold on with all your might. It gives us all hope, you know. Most important for those of us dangling by a string of it. ♥ to you. warm hugs.
JohnnyGoodyear says Nice day log.....'every part if her, from ...'...I think he probably menat OF you not IF :) Trust all's well. JG
doyle says Luverly! My love and I just celebrated our 27th Valentine's Day together....nice coincidence.
CoolBluesMan says 27 YEARS?? what is this, Science Fiction?? Aaaaaarrggghhh!!! Happy Valentine's day :)
GrouchyOldMan says Lucky Lady LoLo lounging in the limpid lustrous light of luscious lambent luvin.
graceness says Thank you for sharing something so lovely with us. Gives us youngins hope. ;)
allseeingeye says we all love you too Lolo. He just got you first :)
Love … rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
-1 Corinthians 13 : 6-7 (NIV)