~Walking down the sidewalk a young girl deliberately drops her Elton John sunglasses from up above a blue-gray concrete retaining wall. Looking into the mirrored lenses I can't see my reflection. I know she wants me to toss them up to her. I tell her No, I'm afraid they'll break. Setting them carefully down on the sidewalk explaining I'll pick them up later on my way home, I hide them under some leaves

~We stopped at Discount Tires so I can use the bathroom. Howard was being a rascal and drove off without me. Jumping into the car we race out of the parking lot to catch up. I remind myself to pick up the sunglasses.

~Sunbathing on the hillside of the schoolyard play ground I could feel the childens feet shake the ground as they ran by. It was so comfortable. The brooding girl in a forest green sweatsuit hugging a matching beanbag chair suddenly and furiously flung herself rolling around the beanbag as if it were a beachball.....downhill. She was covered in dust and dirt. Indifferent to her behavior, I'll have to set up a conference with her mom later.

~I do not think as much know I am.

~ Sitting at the top of the ladder the seat beneath me tips forward and sends us hurtling down the water slide. I grab the little girl around the waist to steady her. She was me and put her hands on the rails slowing us to a stop. I didn't want to get the densly papered ticket wet.

Are you in a hurry? inquired the little girl

No, I said with an acceptable demeanor

For 160 years I was in a hurry. She was very clear about that.