I went to play basketball to the hall of my old primary school. (This is actually the place were all of my basketball playing took place.) I walked through stand in order to get into our part of the hall.

The hall was divided in three parts with huge curtains. Some guys were playing volleyball in the second one and my brother was there too. I noticed he had just smashed the ball on the floor thus gaining a point for his team and now it was his turn to serve. He had tied his dreads on the back of his head and it actually did look quite ok. The serve was a good one and he enjoyed the game a lot. I felt very happy for him because this was good way for him to have something else to think apart from his made-up worries.

I entered third part of the hall and we started playing. There were two guys who were much taller than others and they were named in different teams. However, this tall guy of my team didn't defend the tallest of the opponent and it was my duty instead. I didn't feel it was the most effective solution with our defence but since I've always been very competitive when it comes to basketball I didn't complain aloud.

But there really was a lot to defence-wise.. In order to stop him I had to play on the limits of rules and this sort of pissed him off. We had couple of tough struggles and once I managed to steal a ball in quite an impressive way but he pushed on my back with his hands when I jumped up to reach for the ball. This is of course quite a dangerous trick to do for your mate because the balance is lost easily and one may hurt emself. Therefore I was furious and started swearing and shouting him. I even threw him with the ball in order to hurt him a wee bit. However, after a while I calmed down and I apologised my throwing but still I told him to stop fucking with me in that kind of stupid way.
We continued playing in bit more tense atmosphere..