I'm buying something I don't precisely know yet. It's wrapped inside a grey paperbag. It costs me 50 FIM (~$8) and I pay with two 100 FIM notes. The salesman doesn't give any change but I don't even notice or I don't give about it. Still inside the store, I open the paperbag and there's a postcard I should send to Iwonka. (It's somehow obvious that I couldn't send the postcard to anybody else but Iwonka although there's no any address written or anything. It's just like any other postcard, a landscape of Uusikaupunki harbour pictured, but it's in its very essence that only Iwonka can receive it.)

A man in his forties enters the store and wants to buy a postcard too. In order to do that he needs my paperbag and I give it to him. He notices that there's some money inside and asks if I forgot to take them. I didn't notice any dough inside but gratefully I pocket the 50 FIM note the man hands over me. But as we examine the paperbag more carefully we find out that there's more money, all 50 FIM notes, we didn't notice at first. And they just keep coming out, like the paperbag was a cornucopia or something! I take at least several hundred marks out of the paperbag and eventually it really is empty. Now there are only few coins left and I pocket them too. Actually we are not that surprised by the function of the paperbag - it was just a happy incident but quite common one.