Our family was working on some housework but dad and grandpa joined other men and went for a drink. The rest of us knew that it would be a serious drinking quest. Soon after we laid down and fell asleep.

At night I heard noices and regardless of darkness I could see that dad and grandpa were coming home. (In reality, this home is not known to me.) They were with some other men but those men do not come in.

Dad and grandpa enters the room we are sleeping in. Somehow I acknowledge that they have evil intentions. I pretend to be sleeping. My dad approaches me. I feel that my eyelids are bit of restless. Dad starts to suspect if I sleep or not. He touches my hand.

I wake up, for real, feeling a touch in my hand. I jump out of the bed scared to death and there's still a ghostlike vision of a human figure fading away in my eyes. It took twenty minutes to fall asleep again, so scared I was.