Me and my old friend Korma were in a city unknown to us. We had to find a place where to sleep the night. Somehow we managed to get in contact with a guy named J. Harju. Me and JH have a mutual hate-relationship but sometimes we just have to cooperate because both of us are interested in leftwing politics.

Well, he promised to accomodate us and thus we headed at his place. We climbed the ladders up and JH was talking to himself. It was kind of scary because it looked like he was a schitzophrenic. It was just gibberish he was talking but I managed to catch few words up, like: "Damn. (pause) Gotta accomodate Pekka Laitinen (my name)." and "I hate Pekka Laitinen." Amused, I looked at Korma and he gave me a grin.

Finally we were in a couch - there wasn't a spare bed. I shared the couch with Korma and JH went to sleep into his own room, separated from our room by a curtain. But we didn't fall a sleep and we chatted a bit. This ultimately irritated JH who came through the curtain ripping it apart. I have never seen anybody so angry as he was when shouting at us and telling us to shut the f*** up!