I dreamed that I woke up at 9am just a moment before the alarm was supposed to go off. I turned my head and stared at a clock: 8am, what a f***. I thought it was a good thing and next I was in the middle of parties crowded by bunch of my old mates mostly from preliminary school. There was one girl Anu T who constantly tried to make herself very close to me. If the truth be telt, I didn't mind at all but I was completely passive because I wasn't that attracted by her although she's a nice girl. She even pumped me down in purpose couple of times and thus we ended up hugging and snogging. Another girl, Marketta, wanted to put a stop for this indecency and she came between us. Anu T retreated but only for a while. Soon she poked me down again and this time I fell on a table full of (almost) empty juice pots. It was a complete mess and my shirt got very dirty due to all the juices. Anu T was really shamed and she sat down almost crying that she had spoilt everything. At this time she wasn't looking like a typical Finnish girl anymore but a mulatto with a curly hair and all. I ruffled her head saying it's okay, really, and I don't mind at all and actually I liked her (which was so true especially at this point).

Anyways, somewhatta arrogantly I left her and started to watch telly because there was Simpsons going on. Some mates said I wouldn't catch the plot anymore because today's show was a continuation from Sunday. I wondered why they thought I had missed any episode of Simpsons.. A whale ate Bart. Homer and Milhouse chased the whale with a hilarious vehicle designed by Homer.

Next I was in my own bed moving my hips so that I got sexually aroused. I received a dirty message full of sexual suggestions from Salka.

(unfortunately I woke up - at 8am! - before the sheets got dirty..)