Anti-Fascist Action is a radical movement against fascism. It acts against fascism and racism both physically and ideologically. They are working on the assumption that the organizing, the propaganda and the violence of fascists must be stopped by any means necessary.

They think that the preventive work done by non-violent organizations for tolerance is worthy and important, but it just is not enough. They argue that uncompromising grass-root direct civil action against the fascists. They emphasize:
"It is not right give the fascists the oppoturnity to spread their ideology. Fascist demonstrations must be answered with counter demonstrations, their events must be sabotaged or prevented. One must also be ready to react towards violence by the means that are needed."

Anti-Fascist Action is not an official organization which one could join as a member, but rather a movement that anybody can take part in by acting against fascism.

A cynical or conservative interpretation is that AFA is nothing but a mob of young hooligans who are looking for fight (Fight Club -style) and try to silence their conscience with 'progressive' rheotiric.

A liberal counterargument to AFA says that their action is against the freedom of speech. All that AFA can say is that in this case the freedom of speech is masturbation with theory because it can be shown that after every fascist speech there will be attacks against minority groups.