Kallen's list is missing a singing. I've never before felt adrenalin rush nor the real rush of any other chemical emitted by my own body without external stimulants. Nor I've ever consciously looked them after.

I was walking with my three friends (two of them were sisters to each others and I didn't know the younger one so well..) from a pub around 1:40AM towards our student accommodation halls. The younger of sisters started to sing quietly some unknown song and I guess I interrupted her because she stopped and asked me to sing instead. Well, I'm not a talented singer and I've never sung before when asked. I suppose it was the fact I knew I wont see any of these friends for a long time after that night (and sweet begging of wee sister was to blame as well..), so I surprised all of us, not least myself.

The song I knew best was Finnish punk rock song by Puhelinkoppi (Phone booth) called "Lätkärunkut" (Hockey jerks). There's only one volume when you "sing" a song like this: As loud as you can.

I built up the needed anger (you definitely need some when 'throating' punk) and gave my 2 minutes performance.
Sorry for awaking residents nearby..

After that I couldn't sleep for an hour mainly because of highly increased adrenaline level. I also felt really physically tired (just like after running) with all senses sharpened. I guess it wasn't the fear of performance or anything like that but just the intensity of it. I would make a good punk vocalist if I didn't lose my voice after that.

Btw, I wasn't drinking in the pub at all...