Description of my wisdom teeth extraction:

6:30: I awaken, and put on some clothes. Since I will be under anesthesia, I have consumed nothing, solid or liquid, since the previous night.
7:00: I arrive at the office, and begin filling out insurance forms and waivers. I am then taken to the room where the operation will take place.
7:15: The operation begins by inserting an IV into my left arm, loaded with a saline and sodium brevitol solution. After the injection, unconsciousness comes on in about ten seconds.
7:45: The operation is completed and I am moved to a recovery room.
8:00: I awaken, feeling no pain. When I attempt to stand, I become extremely dizzy. Both walking and talking become difficult.
8:45: I arrive at home, and place two large bags of refridgerated peas on each side of my jaw. I also take an antibiotic, washing it down with Gatorade, which is when I learn that the lower part of my jaw, extending from the lips to the chin, is numb. After consuming this repast, I fall asleep.

After a few cycles of sleeping/drinking/drugging/icing/sleeping(approx. 3 hours), I feel well enough to move around. I take some pain medication and begin to relax. The area between my lower lip and chin is still numb, and the back edge of my jawline by the ear is mildly painful to the touch.

5:35: I begin noding my dental surgery experience on Everything.
5:38: I pause for thirty minutes to apply an ice pack.
6:00: I take another antibiotic. When drinking some water, I notice that sensations on the right side of my tongue differ. While water over the other areas of my tongue feels cool, the water on the right side of my mouth feels warm and tastes sulfurous.
I'm feeling tired now, so I go to bed.

The next day:
9:00: I wake up. The first thing I notice is that the taste sensations on both sides of my tongue coincide, which is nice; also, the numbness on my chin is better.
10:00: I get up and eat some breakfast. This is when I learn that it hurts A LOT to open my mouth, even a little bit. On my way back to bed, I take a look in the bathroom mirror and realize that the lower half of my jaw is mildly swollen. It's not that bad; in fact, I look handsome with a mildly swollen jaw. Heh.
12:00: I have lunch, comprised of chicken noodle soup and yogurt. It tastes good. Afterwards, I wash my mouth out with saline solution because I can't brush/floss.
12:30: I take three Advil to help with the swelling and pain.
3:00:I node today's section of my wisdom teeth recovery.