(Not strictly a dream, but draw what conclusions you will)

Half-asleep at two minutes to six, I toss and turn in the darkness, visualizing a photo-negative woman faintly glowing. When my alarm goes off, and I am roused from this pseudo-dream, I feel lethargic, and angered at the cruel universe that forces me to be up at this awful time.
But suddenly, an epiphany comes to me, a vision of being but one soul in an endless multiverse, and I visualize many copies in different universes getting up at the exact same time. Most distinctly remembered are a cyberpunk version of myself rolling off of a dirty mattress, a feudal samurai me (in armor, no less) rising from a spartan cot, and me as a hard-bitten detective in the style of Bogart, waking in a cluttered office.
Oddly enough, I feel comforted by the realization that whatever hell I go through at this moment, I am not alone. Combined with a determination not to be the multiverse's slacker, I get up, stumble out of my half-asleep state, and promptly forget all about it until roughly an hour ago.

Strangely enough, I still feel happier in the knowledge and/or hallucination that I am not alone. I have no idea how the woman factors into things.