Look at you, the girl who knew no bounds, the girl who owned a city, sitting across from me.

The fire is burning in your eyes. A frown plays on your brow, as you tell your story again. Head to the side, glass twirling in your hands, you remind me who you are.

As if I could forget, as if for a second, I could imagine this any other way.

As the words pour out of your mouth (beautiful lips) you grab my arm and bring me back to the here and now. Here we are, following the script we have etched in our heads from so long ago.

I will try to answer your questions tonight; I will make sure your dreams remain intact. Have you ever noticed how perfect I have become at saving you?

Your words are now subdued, you lay down your weapons and look to me for relief.

Please don’t make me tell you the truth. Let me lie to you, I still want to be your comfort. Come with me now, pretend that w e are alone in this charade.

Tomorrow we can go out together and show them in all your glory. You can fight the indecisions with all of my strength. I will help prove that you are the one, but tonightLook into my eyes and tell me that you wouldn’t give up every alley and every park just to see to the peace come again.

Close your eyes and sleep, tomorrow I will find a world for you to buy, for now just be with me.

This was late night nodeshell challenge from dustfromamoth