Warped, and distorted. At least, that's how I'm guessing my dreams usually are, but I can almost never remember them. Last nights dream actually managed to maintain at least a small bit of coherence in my head, and I shall now recall all the events that I remember to you people. Free feel to send me any film offers, I'll sell my soul for cheap, I've already done it once before, for a whopper no less.

I was with a friend, and, coincidentally, a fellow noder, and we were at a music festival. The bands there were in more of a Woodstock vein, and the setting was more like a folk festival. I started crossing over a hill same wonderful music came into my ears, it was Cake, and I think the song was Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle, but I'm not sure of that. As I crossed over the crest of the hill Cake came into sight, which is odd, because I have no idea what Cake looks like. The only person I can remember at this point is the lead singer, who was quite tall, and had black hair. There was also this one guy in the audience with a mike, and after the song he started asking the audience members questions, at which point the singer would respond in song form.

After a short while someone asked a question and there was a reaction in the crowd that indicated that the question was a common thing, and people were growing old with it. The guy with the mike then decided to spice things up and surprise people, so he says to the singer, "Cut my life into pieces." The singer follows suit, and we've been quite abruptly jumped into a rendition of Papa Roach's single, Last Resort. Sounded surprisingly similar to the original version. I walked away, in a small bit of shock from the turn of events. The next stage I get to is spooky, in that is has Papa Roach on it, continuing the song from exactly where we left off. I can't remember if I backed up, or ran away, but I left the area in a hurray...

... and I'm suddenly in a store, and Eclectic Scion is there, having abandoned me sometime before I got to see Cake. On the radio in the store a song is playing. Can you guess what song? Good for you! I sigh about it and relate the tale to Eclectic, who acts quite uninterested. I then look for a drink in the store, the drinks are for one, not in a cooler, and secondly, they were alcoholic. After I noticed that fact I stopped looking for Coke, and immediately found a 40 of Peach Schnapps. It was 22.5% alcoholic, I remember this because I remember seeing something on the bottle which made me think it was 40%. It made me happy, when you're at my mass you've got to buy alcohol for percentage, not taste. Then I looked closer, oh well.

That was basically the end of my dream, except for one part with the singer from Cake in a radio booth singing. The moral of this dream is obvious... If you sleep by your computer, turn off your mp3's before you go to bed! Now if you're all nice, I might tell you about the dream I had in which my friend did a line of cocaine off a fifty dollar bill I lent him, and his ex-girlfriend tried to get him back by disguising herself as his sister.