A nifty little synthesizer. 6-note polyphony, 5-octave keyboard, 128 patch memory, extremely popular in techno right now, so it should run you about 300-400 American dollars, mebbe a bit more. Programming on this thing is a cinch, because all the sliders and knobs are right in front of you. Unfortunately, all patches some quality of sameness to them, so there are those who think it's a bit of a cliched instrument. If you're a beginner (or seasoned professional, but if you are, then you most likely know everything that I've already said) to keyboards, I recommend the Yamaha CS1x, which is a great deal more varied and has drum kits and such, but if you're really into techno, or just like it a lot for some reason, this is pretty decent. DO NOT think you can learn piano on this sucker. I've heard technique horror stories. This keyboard has unweighted keys, is NOT velocity-sensitive, and doesn't do a good piano sound. Organs are pretty decent, and bleepy stuff (i.e., techno) is wonderful. Roland made a pretty good thing here.