An 8-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a 61-note keyboard and full MIDI support, released in 1985.
Very similar to the Juno-106 from Roland.

The Split-8 is one of the many synths from Sequential Circuits using CEM 3394 chips. There's only one VCO per voice, with waveform switchable between sawtooth, triangle and square. A chorus mode is available to thicken the single-oscillator sound.

A resonant 4-pole low-pass 24dB/octave VCF serves as the filter.
The LFO has controls for rate ((0.25 - 20 Hz) and depth, and can be switched between triangle and square waveforms. It can be routed to the VCO, the VCF or pulse width modulation.
There are 2 ADSR envelope generators on the VCA.

The keyboard features splits and layers, which are saved along with patch data. An unison mode tansforms the S8 into a thick 8-VCO monophonic synth.
There is space for 61 patches and 64 performances in the internal memory. Programming the S8 can be slow since it allows only one parameter to be edited at once with the single data knob.

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