Besides being a very fun game, Go is also a very cool movie directed by Doug Liman and starring Sarah Polley, Scott Wolf, Jay Mohr, and Desmond Askew. This movie covers the lives of these young party goers over one very troubled weekend. It consists of 3 stories, but each characters story interacts with the other characters stories, similar to Pulp Fiction. I really enjoy this kind of movie making, as it gives insight into each of the characters lives, and has several subplots but is still one story.

Ronna (Sarah Polley) plays a supermarket cashier who is behind on rent and when an opportunity arises to make some extra cash selling drugs, she can't pass it up. Simon (Desmond Askew) plays Ronna's coworker who is going on his first trip to Las Vegas, but when things turn ugly at a strip club, he ends up running for his life. Adam and Zack (Mohr and Wolf), two TV actors on a popular police drama, agree to help the police with a drug sting operation in exchange for their drug charges being dropped, but when things start to go wrong, their night ends up turning into a nightmare.

This movie is very funny and highly enjoyable. It is definatly a movie you can watch more than once. If you haven't seen it you need to go rent this one. Very well done filmmaking, gripping story, and hilarious situations, along with a very fitting cast and a wonderful soundtrack make this movie a true classic.