Album by Sarah Brightman.

Song listing:

1. Dive

2. Captain Nemo

3. The Second Element

4. Ship of Fools

5. Once in a Lifetime

6. Cape Horn

7. A Salty Dog

8. Siren

9. Seven Seas

10. Johnny Wanna Live

11. By Now

12. Island

13. When It Rains in America

14. La Mer

15. The Second Element II

Produced in 1993 by Frank Peterson with Sarah Brightman (A&M Records)

Review by Leopardeye:

This is Sarah Brightman's first solo album without Andrew Lloyd Webber. The emphasis on Dive concentrates mainly on songs regarding the sea. The cover even depicts her as a mermaid (with fabulous hair, I might add). To what most Americans are used to, some of the musical variations may leave something to be desired, however there are a few gems such as Dive, Captain Nemo, and The Second Element.

Personally, if you are an avid novice of Sarah Brightman's, then this is a must, and probably an already, have.