Yes, the belly flop. A dive in which the front of the body(the belly) hits flat against a surface(hopefully water). If done correctly, this dive can drench entire families--and more important, women in light summer dresses. For the perfect belly flop, follow these simple steps below:

Step One: Spring out
Jump up and out as far as you can. Put in some practice jumping off the side of the pool before you graduate to the diving board.
Step Two: Strike a "Superman" pose
As you rocket forward, extend your arms and legs. Amateurs stay in this position, which is why they scream in pain when they hit the water.
Step Three: Arch your back
Bend your body into the shape of a banana. This will maximize your splashing impact and prevent you from bashing your face or groin.
Step Four: Prepare for impact
At the last moment, cock your head back to protect your face. For dramatic effect after the splash, bob on the surface like a dead man.

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