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Dressing people up.
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Adopting a dog from the Humane Society
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Recently, I was degraded by a fellow noder, calling me a moron, who claimed that I had historical facts on a node wrong. The issue has since been resolved. Read about it at Learn some history, you moron!.

I was introduced to E2 by my good friend, lydi-kitty. To show my gratitude, I have created some nodes in her honour:

The Unauthorized Biography of lydi-kitty
10 Things I Enjoy Most About lydi-kitty

I am a freelance Costume Designer who is currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In January, I was working as an Office Manager in Chicago when I had a Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax(or PSP) and my lung collapsed.

Since then, I have made serious life changes, moving to Milwaukee to be with my partner, and deciding to pursue Costume Design full time.

I am not a big fan of Milwaukee, however in the summer, there are some great festivals including, The Great Circus Parade... That's just about it.

I recently adopted a dog from the Humane Society. She was a severely underweight stray. Her name is Sophie.

I am also in the process of adopting a puppy Pug from a breeder.

I love design, animals and travel. My most recent trip was to Australia. One of my favorite sites in Queensland was The Big Pineapple. I have made nodes for some Australian sayings:

Are you right?

Also, I have written some thoughts about my fellow Americans that I noticed upon arrival in the States:

I'm fat! Let's have McDonald's for dinner!

My writing styles vary. Even though it is known that I am not a fan of poetry (see leopardeye's rampant denial of poetry), I have written some:


But some of my work have poetic stylings:

Reality is Not a Gentle Friend!

Stuff it!