It's getting late. 8:90 pm Walnut Creek, California. Beatiful dark red sunset. The Sims Online is reaching it's final stages. We are supposed to be feature complete tonight. A dinner has been ordered. A buzz of activity spreads throughout the cubes. New code changes are being checked in to Perforce every few minutes. A new server build is on its way. I have been through this before with Sim City 3000 Unlimited but this is much more challenging and exciting at the same time.

I'm waiting for a new server to be up before checking in my code. Finally decided to come out of darkness and write something. I've been lurking at E2 for over a year now and so here I am. Even though I didn't contribute anything yet I feel very much a part of this community. I'm truly impressed with the level of support, friendship and knowledge everyone displays here. Greetings from a very busy and tired (not so)LazyProgrammer!