A German hard rock band, founded in 1993. Notable songs include "Kopfschuss" (Headshot), "Gott Sein" (To Be God), and "Freiflug" (Freeflight).

They're often compared to Rammstein, though Megaherz is quite different. With more emphasis on guitars than electronics, their sound is quite a bit noisier. The lyrics are more varied than Rammstein's; topics range from the bombastic rage of "Totet den DJ" (Kill the DJ) to the quiet (relatively) emotion of "Freiflug" to Grimm's Fairy Tales in "Rappunzel." Political themes are especially prevalent in Herzwerk II.

While fairly popular in Germany, they have yet to get much exposure in the United States. Their song "Perfekt Droge" was supposed to be on a compilation with a US release, but I have not been able to find anything more about it.

In June 2004, the band finally got an album released in America: Wer Bist Du, retitled to Eins. One of their earliest releases, it contains the infamous "Gott Sein", a song which is often mistakenly labeled as Rammstein. The liner notes lack lyrics, to many people's dismay, but it is said to be otherwise complete. I still haven't been able to find it.

Christian "X-ti" Bystron - Guitar
Wenz - Bass
Oliver Pohl - Guitar
J├╝rgen Zink - Drums
They currently have no vocalist.

Alexx Wesselsky (also known as Alexx v. Weygand) - Vocals; left after Herzwerk II was released
Matthias Elsholz - Vocals; replaced Alexx, but didn't work out

Wer bist Du
Herzwerk II