Advertisement is a euphemism , a nice word, a polite way of saying "chew on this, it won't bite!". Adverts are made up of little peoples thoughts, jumping around together acting in unison to unleash their symbols, logos, slogons, and any other semantic tools upon consumers. They are everywhere; your bathroom, your workplace, your schools, and even your dreams. Nothing can stop them now, not even themselves, for they are a force that cannot be stopped.

Adverts are members of the ideological union and unlike most unions adverts never go on strike, they are ceaseless in their pursuit of imprinting symbols (with meaning) onto the brains fragile consciousness.

Adverts can play tricks. They frequently make a person buy a product they never wanted to have, for this is their power. Even though product x might not be of any use to you, you still want it because advert x made you buy it.

Adverts create values which others follow. The ideological role of the media (according to adverts) influences the way in which people decode advertisements. This means the media is a powerful player in the determination of our thoughts, up to the point where they can get to control our thoughts, and similarly our lives.