An independant snowboard company based out of Seattle, Washington with a development and research center in Oberammergau, Germany, and a logistics center in Montebelluna, Italy. Beginning in 1990 the company produced their own asymmetrical twintip board: The Pyro, and moved on to produce a swallowtail board: The Retro. Despite the cheesy names the company continued to develop innovative products, and in 1995 introduced the first QuickStep binding, that essentially led to Clicker Brand Bindings which are widely developed by many companies to this day. Nitro boots came into being in 1997, offering a new "custom foam-fitting system". The company now has rougly 21 board models, 18 sets of boots, 13 binding models, as well as loads of apparel.


Advanced Freeriding

  • Darkhorse: "Made with the most advanced snowbarding materials, with the perfect blend of shape and flex"
  • Shogun: "Freeriding performance at a truly amazing level...excellent stability and responsiveness."
  • Naturals: "Packed with lots of camber, stiff enough to hold an edge at speed and won't fold on the big landings."
  • Torque: "Ideal for boardercross."
  • Suicide: "True all mountain freeriding."


  • T1: Rails, kickers and technical riding situations."
  • T2: For park and pipe."

All Terrain Freestyle

  • SuptraTeam: True all mountain freestyle board, can slip into the park, through the trees, and back into the backcountry without missing a beat."
  • Shadow: First board in the industry to feature a Tri-Progressive side cut."
  • Shadow LTD: Limited Edition of the Shadow with new graphics.
  • Team: "Sintered Die-Cut base gives it speed."
  • Punisher: "Claw onto any rail, eat up park kickers, and still have enough left to slash a cornice."
  • Titan: "Freestyle performance fo lighter riders or those who want more flex."
  • Future Team: "Laminated powercore construction shapes and flexes that help young riders initiate turns and absorb transitions."

All Mountain

  • Atlas: "One of the best riding wide boards available."
  • Saber: "For the rider with big boots."
  • Saber POW: A swallow-tail board designed for powder.
  • Magnum: "Original high-performance wide board."

Women Specific

  • Black Widow: "The same aggressive Carbon Fiber and Aramid Constuction as the Suptrateam with a streamlined profile for women."
  • Fate: "Stable through the turns and soft enough to flow through the park."
  • Pheonix: "Tip-to-tail Powercore helps cut a path through the snow and absorb the rough spots."



  • Team Overkill: "Solid and lightweight, offers all tech comfort and fit innovations."
  • Team Elite: "Ease and convenience of newly designed aluminum ratchets and ankle straps."
  • Team Sta: "Combo of an adjustable base and the team highback."
  • Venom NME: "New ankle strap for stability and an adjustable toe ramp for perfect fit."


  • Team WMN: "Highback and baseplate are made to fit a female rider."


RapidFire Step-In

  • RF Carbon: "Carbon-reinforced base and heelcup."
  • RF Standard: A standard version of the RF Carbon.
  • SST Pro: "Flat Shimano Step-In System"
  • BST: "Most popular step-in binding on the planet."





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